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Infrared Induction Soap Dispenser Foam Practical Automatic

Infrared Induction Soap Dispenser Foam Practical Automatic

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1. The near-infrared field senses bubbles for 0.25 seconds, no need to press, to avoid contact with bacteria, automatic bubble upgrade, one-handed, convenient and fast.
2. Reasonable control of the amount of foam, the rich foam is cleaned in the hand, and the cleaning is easier. The 350mL large-capacity design of foam-free residue can be used for 400 times, which can meet the needs of households for 50 days.
3. The simple and concise design style can be easily integrated into the bathroom, kitchen and other environments. Hand sanitizer bottle of high-grade dairy material, clean and dry.
4. The well-developed 30° split height design brings you a comfortable experience.
5. PX54 waterproof living standard, even if accidentally splashed, don't worry.


Model: d-23
Mode of operation: mechanical
Timing function: irregular
Power supply mode: dry battery
Rated voltage: 5 (V)
Rated power: 1.5 (W)
Product specifications: automatic induction bubble washing mobile phone

Package Content:

Automatic soap dispenser *1

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