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Multi-purpose Large Plastic Desk Cup Holder

Multi-purpose Large Plastic Desk Cup Holder

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1. Bottom opening design: You can place the phone that is being charged, saving space.
2. Beautiful and practical: for the ultra-high practicality in a small space, it does not take up space on the table side. Multi-function: you can put water cups, drinks, coffee cups, and mobile phones, and can also store cosmetic bottles.
3. Metal inner clamp: stable force, simple operation. Anti-slip: Sponge pad design, effective anti-slip, does not damage the desktop. The side-opening design of the cup holder: you can place a water cup with a handle, and there are more possibilities.

Product Information:

Material: Plastic
Weight: 0.25 kg
Color: gray, white, yellow, black

Packing list:

Desk Cup Holder*1

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