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Non-stick Aluminum Foil Liners Air Fryer Disposable Paper L

Non-stick Aluminum Foil Liners Air Fryer Disposable Paper L

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【Durable Aluminum Foil Liner】 Air fryer aluminum foil liner is made from food grade premium quality aluminum foil, it is waterproof, oil-proof, non-stick, 100% healthy and with nice heat resistant. These aluminum foil liners are safe to use, they won't burn like paper liner during baking. Also the aluminum tin foil pans won’t bend or fold, so it won't leak oil like paper liner. *Lids not included.
【Keep Your Air Fryer Clean】 Easy to clean and non-greasy. These disposable round aluminum foil air fryer liners effectively keep food scraps away from cookware, making it as clean as unused, saving you time and effort. Our aluminum pans value pack includes 50 pieces aluminum foil liners, enough quantity for you to cook, bake and replace. They are eco-friendly and recyclable, just throw away the liner after using, no need to clean anymore!
【Convenient and Easy to Use】 Just take one aluminum foil liner and put it in the air fryer, pressure cooker, rice cooker or BBQ grill, then you can cook as you like. The edges of the grease-proof liner are 4 cm higher to protect the sides of the fryer and prevent food from sticking to it. The aluminum foil liner can also be used on an open flame, perfect for picnics, barbecues, camping trips and travel - just throw it away after eating!
【Wide Applications For Any Occasion】 The aluminum foil pan is suitable for air fryers, ovens, steamers, frying pans and other cookware. These aluminum foil liners are stackable and easy to store. Convenient for home baking, camping, barbecues, summer parties, school events, birthday parties or holiday events like Christmas and Thanksgiving , light and practical.

Product information:

Category: Disposable Disks
Material: aluminum foil
Plastic: Aluminum Foil
Size: inches
Thickness: 0.5mm
Shape: round
Color: 6-inch deep plate B-252, 7-inch deep plate B-253, 8-inch deep plate B-254, 9-inch deep plate B-313
Specifications: 50 pieces, 10 pieces, 20 pieces, 30 pieces


Deep section 6 inches: bowl diameter about 14.5cm* height about 4cm
Deep section 7 inches: bowl diameter about 18cm* height about 4cm
Deep section 8 inches: bowl diameter about 20cm* height about 4cm
Deep section 9 inches: bowl diameter about 23cm* height about 4cm

Packing list:

Tin foil bowl*10/20/30/50pcs

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