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Portable Handheld Nebulizer Ultrasonic Mask For Kids Diffuser Household Medical Device

Portable Handheld Nebulizer Ultrasonic Mask For Kids Diffuser Household Medical Device

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1. Scientific design: Hand-free wearable micro-mesh atomizer, wearable with silicone ear rope, small and light, easy to carry when going out, easy to atomize anytime, anywhere
2. Fine particles: large fog, fine atomized particles, median particle size of about ≤ 2.5μm, more adequate drug absorption
3. Fast speed: microporous spray tablet, atomization speed ≥ 0.25ml/min
4. Quieter: With piezoelectric components, the low-noise design is quieter
5. Less residue: liquid residue ≤ 0.1ml, economical to use
6. Atomization mode: According to different situations, you can choose two atomization methods, namely mask atomization (divided into adult and child masks) and mouthpiece atomization
7. Flashing light prompt: the light is on means it is working normally, the light is flashing means the battery is out of power or the voltage is insufficient
8. Energy saving and environmental protection: The mask is comfortable, skin-friendly and environmentally friendly. The mask is mainly made of PP (polypropylene) and does not contain DEHP (ie plasticizer/plasticizer).
9. Independent components: independent atomization components, easy to clean, one-key disassembly, easy to clean and disinfect, to avoid cross infection
10. Automatic shutdown: it will automatically shut down when there is no liquid in the cup or the voltage is insufficient
11. Power configuration: use USB power cable, standard without adapter, optional for US/EU
12. Advantages: hands-free wearable, mini, silent, portable, fine particles, large fog, less residue, fast speed

Product information:

Product Name: Hands-free Mini atomizer
Residual amount of liquid: ≤0.1mL
Atomization speed: ≥0.25ml
Medicine cup capacity: the minimum is about 0.5ml and the maximum is 8mL
Noise: ≤36dB (A)
Product size: 55*68*45mm
Atomizing particles: about 2.5 or less

Bare metal weight: 42g

Packing list:

1 x atomizer
1 x adult face mask
1 x child mask
1 x atomized bite
2 x silicone ear cord
1 xUSB power cable
1 x English User Manual
1 x color box

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